Welcome Everyone and thank you for visiting my blog.

She Prayed For Me was created for wives and/or mothers from all walks of life to share joys & oh boys🤗 of being a wife and raising a family, with other women who are also wives and/or mothers. Whether you are a current wife and/or mother, or you plan to be in the future, this blog will give you great insight to these important life roles and hopefully give you a laugh or two along the way.

She Prayed For Me has three purposes: 1) It allows one to ask for prayers from soon to be wives/wives/mothers, those on a similar life journey to what you are walking, 2) It gives a place to share/request PSA’s (Prayers, Scriptures, Accomplishmlents) while also providing encouragement, 3) It gives you the privilege to be there for someone else and pray for them, just as others have done for you.

It is my hope that through this blog, we will have a way to connect and ultimately learn from, help, and enjoy one another.